Beam presents Dental care via Bluetooth connectivity

It wasn’t enough that we had electric toothbrushes to help us brush better, now the tech world is taking it to another level. The Beam brush is Bluetooth enabled, and synchronizes with your android or iOS enabled phone to improve your dental hygiene.

Bluetooth Enabled Beam Toothbrush
Bluetooth Enabled Beam Toothbrush

The fact is, we aren’t doing the most important and basic activities of our lives right, on an average people brush for under a minute when they should for 2 minutes. Now there is nothing to worry about; the new Beam brush, with its Bluetooth connectivity will rely on an app to keep track of your brushing habits; this would include how long you brush, which teeth you brush more and ignore the others. The most interesting aspect of this app, is that it will play back music to enable a full two minute brushing session! This is practically like having your mom make sure you do it right everyday. The App also helps one give precise information to their dentists for better consultations.

Sync Your Brushing Habits With Bluetooth Enabled Toothbrush:

The Beam brush is the first of it’s kind toothbrush with app connectivity, even though the app runs only on android and iOS platforms. The Windows and Blackberry users will have to wait for their techno dental care.

The unique brush is available on pre-order for $35 onwards and once officially launched will cost $50 a piece. If you are one that likes to upgrade their dental tools, go for it, otherwise stay old school and try scrubbing those pearly whites (if they are still pearly and white) for two minutes!.

Source: Gizmag – Beam Toothbrush Bluetooth

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