Belkin’s new NetCam that connects to your smartphone for security

Keep track on your home security with Belkins NetCam

Installing a camera in your house for surveillance may be the best idea for security. However, not everyone can break the bank for one and also hire a security guard to be on the video watch at all times.

Belkin brings a solution to the problem with a NetCam that connects to your Android and iOS phone/tablet.

The camera comes with night vision; with its infrared night vision, the camera can clearly see movements in a lightly lit or completely dark room. The camera is also equipped with a wide-angle lens to capture a larger surface in the room and also records digital audio. The NetCam can also send e-mail alerts and take still shots automatically when it detects any movement.

Belkin’s NetCam WiFi With Night Vision:

Users will only have to download a simple app and connect the camera to their Wi-Fi router. This enables the owners to view live recordings of their houses and also be able to save the content on their smartphone or tablet. Belkin is focused on providing consumers with portable yet reliable security solutions without having to break the bank.

Even though there are various other smartphone-enabled cameras, the price on this product by Belkin is one of the most affordable, not to mention they also provide some newer features. The camera is now available on the company’s website and also on Amazon for the US $129.99. The amazing product is also set to be available by other retailers in the coming months.

You can download Belkin NetCam App from Android and iTunes.

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