Beyonce Knowles bags Journalism Award!

For any creative person an award is an encouragement and a boost for them to put in more efforts and bring out much better results than before. This is exactly what happened with Beyonce Knowles. After winning more than a dozen Grammy Awards, the wife of the famous rapper just got better at her work. You cant guess what she has added to her awards this time. She received an award from the New York Association of Black Journalists. She got this prestigious award for her outstanding work on the Essence article “Eat Play Love”.

Singer Beyonce Knowles receives A Journalism Award for Eat Play Love!
Singer Beyonce Knowles receives A Journalism Award for Eat Play Love!

When asked about it she said that she ate pizza and drank red wine every Sunday in Capri to realize her interests in this job. It is quiet natural that Beyonce receiving such a prestigious journalism award cannot get away with some amount of criticism. There are a few people who are not very happy with Beyonce receiving this award. Lets find out who they are and what they have to say. Firstly Amber Rose of Muse Magazine opines that such type of awards completely ignore the journalists who write about insightful and dangerous topics.

She feels this award is at a lack of appreciating that kind of creative efforts. This issue has also got people tweeting about it. There was a tweet against it which read “No, but for real, I love Beyonce..but it’s a slap in the face to journalists everywhere for her to receive that NABJ award for ONE article!” whatever is the criticism we can not ignore the remarkable achievement by the singer.

Congratulations Beyonce!

Source: Beyonce wins journalism award for Essence piece

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