Bieber Collapses but continues show, Is that too much dedication?

Justin Bieber who has reportedly been experiencing breathing troubles in a concert at the O2 arena London. And not just trouble, he passed out on stage, and after some medical attention back went back and completed the show.

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital
Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital

Love for fans has taken over the 19 yr olds hormones for sure. Something everyone will totally appreciate. With stars lip-syncing these days, to have someone as young as 19 take his career and fans so seriously is superb.

Justin Bieber Collapses Rushed to Hospital || London Concert 2013:

Obviously the news spread through networking sites, like twitter, but Bieber seems to be doing okay, resting at a hospital. The singers mannager has let the crowd know that he was feeling short of breath the whole time, but was dedicated to continuing the show for his fans in London. The ‘baby’ star has also been spotted wearing a gas mask.

Bieber took to twitter and spoke to his fans; “Getting better. thanks for everyone pulling me thru tonight. best fans in the world. figuring out what happened. thanks for the love.” Bieber is currently on a worldwide tour and his next tour date is on March 11 in Lisbon. The fans are definitely hoping he gets well by then.

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