Big Rich Texas and Glam Fairy gear up to make a grand comeback!

Let me start with asking you what your favorite show on TV is. So what is it? Whatever your list is I’m pretty sure that Big Rich Texas and Glam Fairy definitely top it! Let me reveal to you that these popular TV shows are making a grand comeback this Sunday. Did that bring a big smile on your face? Yes is the answer undoubtedly.

Watch the new seasons of Big Rich Texas and Glam Fairy this Sunday onwards
Watch the new seasons of Big Rich Texas and Glam Fairy this Sunday onwards

So the Style’s Sunday night brings to you the third season of Big Rich Texas and the second season of Glam Fairy. You can enjoy the grand premiere of these shows from 8pm onwards.

Let’s see where the new seasons of these popular shows take their characters. Talking about Big Rich Texas, the ladies come across a new diva when the mother and daughter make an entry into the club. While Cindy spends time shopping during the day and partying during the night being a single mom, the situation forces her daughter Alex to switch roles with her mom and take up the responsibilities of the household. Cindy makes new friends at the club that includes Leslie who has returned to the club months after dating a billionaire. Now we have to see how the relationship of the ladies evolves as the story unfolds. The show produced by Fly On The Wall Entertainment with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan acting as Executive Producers along with Style’s Sarah Weidman and Merah Chung surely has a long way to go!

Big Rich Texas season three peek:

Glam Fairy season two peek:

Coming to Glam Fairy, the show continues to narrate the story of romance between Alexa and Danny who are engaged. Now the couple is heading to do all those things which were never on Alexa’s list – love, marriage and children. Alexa being a perfectionist tries to control all aspects of the wedding but fails miserably. This has been portrayed with huge element of drama in the show. However not perturbed by her failure Alexa goes on to appoint fashion photographer Karl Giant and make-up artist Victoria. Will she be successful making everything perfect on the big day? Let’s find out this Sunday! This popular show is produced by Endemol USA with Alex Duda and Anthony Dominici serving as Executive Producers and will be aired at 9pm. So people keep your Sunday evenings free and make them entertaining with two of your favorite shows!

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