Bigg Boss house welcomes Candy Brar as its new contestant!

Bigg Boss the most popular show on Indian Television for all the spice that it gives the audience to enjoy is all set to welcome another member into the Heaven and Hell shades of the house this season.

Candy Brar in Bigg Boss 7
Watch out contestants….. Candy Brar is on her way to the Bigg Boss 7 house!

Like all of us know there should be something unique about every celebrity who wants to be part of this show. So this time Colors channel has chosen Candy Brar who will soon make a grand entry into the controversial house. You could ask why her. To this you will hear a quick voice that says she is a personification of an unusual combination of good looks, lots of money, unbridled talent and intelligence.

You would agree it’s close to impossible to find a women with qualities in these combinations. Yet the fashion and film industry has made a successful discovery of beauty with brains and riches. The list goes this way – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Paris Hilton, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Britney Spears etc. This is definitely not the only reason for giving Candy the opportunity to be part of the Bigg Boss house. Her list of achievements include the Gladrags title in the year 2004, representation of India as Miss Tourism International and the title of the runner up in Roadies. Boy! This speaks a lot about the dynamic lady, doesn’t it? And to add to this she had been heading a marketing and pageant head of Gladrags. Right now she is looking after the business and marketing of Showman entertainment which is partner with percept in the Sunburn properties.

Speaking about this multi talent personality Spokeperson Satish Reddy said, “Candid, smart and business-minded is the impression one gets when speaking with young Candy brar. She is perfect as an actress, intelligent, smart, focused and trendy. She has brains and is not self-obsessed. She is a perfect as an actress and a brilliant dancer. She is perfect as an actress combination of acting skill with business attribute. So guys watch out!!” Let’s see what spice Candy Brar adds to the already spiced up show!

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