BIGSMACK promo campaign for Brain Games

National Geographic is one of the most interesting, and information filled channels today, and their show ‘Brain Games’ is one that interests a great mass of the worlds population. The series premiered yesterday and were supported by the promo campaigns by award-winning entertainment marketing agency BIGSMACK.

Brain Games host Jason Silva
Brain Games host Jason Silva

The Founder/Head Creative Andy Hann and Senior Creative Director Matt Hall of BIGSMACK collaborated with National Geographic’s in-house creative team to complete the creative concepting. BIGSMACK wrote, produced, and created extensive CGI and graphics for the new launch campaign. The show is going to be like never before with the intense graphics and creative efforts put in by BIGSMACKs team. National Geographic has worked with BIGSMACK before, Hann says;

“We worked on the promo for the “Brain Games” special last year, and it was so popular and successful that Nat Geo decided to turn it into a series..” While doing this amazingly creative projects certain challenges did arise like; making sure that all the content of the show was well researched so as to make sure it was fun, and included provocation of thought. Hence, the show contains brain puzzles and teasers; as well as the choreography of the spots which required the cameras, experiments, and the on-screen talent. Hann says that many of the shots were taken in one-take, which was a great achievement for everyone.

Jason Silva - BIGSMACK
Jason Silva – BIGSMACK

The promo campaign has been a success, and the shows host, Jason Silva, is renowned for his ability to improve, which was banked on by BIGSMACK and National Geographic. In the words of BIGSMACK’s Senior Creative Director Matt Hall ‘The creative process was truly an evolution’

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