Bill Gates extends help to protect poor children!

Looks like the chairman of Microsoft couldn’t see little children being troubled by countless harmful diseases and he decided to take part in the noble cause of preventing their occurrence.

Bill Gates pledges $1bn to vaccine programme to the world's poorest children
Bill Gates pledges $1bn to vaccine program to the world’s poorest children

It is being said that this man, being a charitable guy by nature, has pledged to donate an enormously huge sum of a billion for this cause which alarmingly calls for attention.

When asked about this wonderful decision of his Mr. Bill Gates said “It’s not every day that we give away a billion, but for a cause like this, it’s exciting to be doing this.” Truly. This man is of a rare kind! He said that the death of an unimaginable number of children due to the lack of access to vaccinations in many poorly developed countries has caused him a lot of pain.

He expressed his grief over the discrimination inaccessibility to vaccines that save their lives. He morns the world where the rich kids get immunity to many life-threatening diseases while the poor ones continue to suffer helplessly!

Bill Gates pledges $1bn to the vaccine program

The vaccines funded by Gates will protect kids from HIV, diarrhea, and other such cruel diseases with worldwide access so the kids can enjoy their childhood without having to take bitter pills and painful injections every day.

You could ask how to be sure that these vaccines will reach the needy without fail. And Mr. Gates will tell you that he runs an organization that makes sure all the required help is rendered. It’s very strange to see a rich man part with his money so willingly for a social cause.

Absolutely incredible gesture! It won’t be long before we see a world that is free from all the diseases that are presently a cause of concern and kids all over the world will be in perfect health, without exceptions. The credit of this will go to all those charitable human beings like Mr. Bill Gates who see humanity above all other things and set trends to be followed!

News Source: ABC News – UK, Bill Gates lead $4b vaccination drive

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