Bin Laden.. Lost and found!?

As the news regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death began to trickle in from different news sources, it stirred a hornet’s nest on the political as well as the diplomatic front.

Whereas the french foreign intelligence indicated the death of Bin Laden, Us and france did not confirm the same. These reports were also denied by some other coutries.

This is not the first time that Bin Laden has died. Reports of his death first surfaced in 2001 when a Pakistani Observer newspaper claimed that he had dies of a lung cancer.

Another set of reports followed in the year 2002 when Essam Darez, an Egyptian fewwlance writer who spent time with Bin Laden between 1986 and 1990 claimed that he could have been kiled by bombings in the caves of Afghanistan.

In an interview in 2004, the Pakistan president Musharraf said that intelligence services believed Laden to be dead. Although he called that an ‘assessment not a proof’.

Bin laden, the most wanted man by the US, still continues to elude the public eye and surveillance. Not only he continues to elude but also releases videos of his existence which makes puts one in a state of doubt.
Far from catching him, all that such rumours and unconfirmed reports from time to time do is to make him an enigma of sorts.

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