Bing..a different search engine?

bingMicrosoft’s search engine Bing( Beta) gained 12.5% market share in the second week of June in U.S. This is a heartening news for Microsoft and for the the search engine industry as the monopoly of Google would be challenged. These may be early days to make any predictions as to how Bing would fare against the likes of Google and Yahoo as it has been recently launched. However, the fact that Bing has found favour among search engine users. With it colourful images that form the background of the page, Bing has added one more feature which is a small pop up kind of thing that appears beside the search result ( giving a summary of that page).

There is more to followon Bing and Google, so watch out this space for more updates!

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  1. my initial test result shows that Bing is as good as Google when displaying relevant search results. Google might be having a tough competitor with Microsofts own search engine.

  2. i have been evaluating the search results of Microsoft Bing compared to Google and they are comparable. Bing gives almost the same relevant search results just like Google.

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