BioAid app will help in hearing via iPhone

The Biologically Inspired Hearing Aid - BioAid

Here’s an iPhone app that truly helps! BioAid is a free app compatible with iPhone 5, iPads, iPod Touch, which turns into a user-adjustable hearing aid.

The concept was drawn by the scientists from the University of Essex, this new aid has the potential to substitute the very expensive hearing aids people with hearing difficulties have to purchase. Who wouldn’t want their trusty phone to double up as a hearing aid?

It has a rather simple installation procedure too, which requires no visits to the hearing aid specialists also. Once the user has installed the app, they simply have to go through the setup procedure wherein they will be able to determine the settings that are best suited for their hearing loss type.

The app provides six fixed settings to chose from, and each one of those has four fine-tuning sub-settings. This makes the user be able to really personalize their frequencies. This whole set-up is doable by the user himself. The most stunning feature of the app is that it not only boosts all audio levels within a given frequency but also brings up low sounds while tuning down loud noises in the user’s earphone.

It definitely makes a great difference when an app like this is designed by scientists who have the knowledge of the subject and how the user would want the app to help him. BioAid has been named such because of its make, the app is made to replicate the natural hearing of human beings.

More of these class apps are welcome in the tech world, everyone should be able to enjoy the world in an easy, and cheaper way. The only question is whether this app will be made available for the Android market, surely there must definitely be some hearing issues in the Android users world.

Image and Information source: Gizmag

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