Blackberry 10 – A change in the Marketing technique

Just when you’d start to believe Blackberry has lived its days, and seen all its glory, Thorsten Heins CEO of RIM steps up to the plate and is in process to turn that around.

Just like there was a time where Nokia phones were the undeniable ‘it’ cell phones, Blackberry too has had the same experience. Everyone in the business world depended on the phones unique feature of easy e-mail access. That was the selling point of Blackberry, and then it was the BBM that was a rave amongst everyone for connectivity factor with friends. There is still a very solid following of the Blackberry phones, very less in number because of the Android and iOS operating systems though. There is specially more decline in Blackberry users in US and Europe.

Blackberry 10 RIMs touch-screen venture
Blackberry 10 RIMs touch-screen venture

Now that the problem was clear, very calculated corporate restructuring and change in the dynamic of the Blackberry phones has been undertaken. Blackberry is now focusing on developing its marketing technique and following the product concept. Understanding the need of the customers and delivering that with finesse.

In comes the new Blackberry 10 operating system, unlike any other phone made till date by the Blackberry folks, this is a touch screen phone with absolutely no buttons. They are definitely taking hints from the variety of Android and iPhones. Customers are now embarrassed to own a phone that is not fully touch screen operated. And Blackberry has hit the target, Mr. Heins in his interview with Rorry Cellan-Jones, the BBC Technology correspondent described the new Blackberry 10 operating system as; “whole new paradigm”. The new phone has something called the ‘Flow’ which enables the user to freely navigate from app to app without going back to the home screen. Once RIMs appeal was the key pad phones, but Mr. Heinz confirms that the touch screen is the future of blackberry.

RIM plans to take the smartphone market by storm with the new Blackberry 10 touchscreen phone:

BlackBerry 10 Sneak Peek: Mobile Has a Brand New Flow:

The confidence exuded by the Blackberry executive is exciting, even though the phone will not be available till the first quarter of 2013; the buzz is being created by the team. They are traveling across the globe to promote the future of Blackberry to developers who will provide the company with competitive apps that would stand against their android and iOS counter parts. The mobile operators too are being approached to help sell the product to the customers. The belief of Mr. Heins and his executive team is splendid, he added in the same interview that “quality matters”, he also informed that; “We’re not just building an update of Blackberry 7, we’re building a whole new mobile computing platform. Don’t underestimate the dynamic that this platform is going to create in the market.” Well, that sure shows that they’re not doing this for the sake of trying, the company is serious about getting back the fame Blackberry once had, this is especially evident from his statement; “In the US we are going to regain our market share with Blackberry 10.”

Even though it will be a tough fight for RIM, they seem to have a good business plan; this is a lesson for everyone going through a bad time in their business. Striking harder than before with confidence and good quality is the best thing one can do to get customers back or generate new. Let’s wait and watch the drama blackberry will bring to the smart-phone boxing ring.

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