BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone are threatened by cheap Android devices?

You might have already observed the amount of Android devices coming out in market and how they are grasping the attention by various and different features for every devices like either it could be water proof or break proof and with unique default apps, themes etc. For a while now, we’ve heard about BlackBerry and Windows Phone vendors betting big on expanding their presence in emerging markets by releasing cheaper devices aimed at consumers who are buying smartphones for the first time. But as Business Insider’s Jay Yarow points out, there’s major obstacle standing in these platforms’ paths: No-name Android vendors that are pumping out a flood of cheap phones that sell in the $100 range. Yarow points to new research from? Needham analyst Charlie Wolf showing that no-name Android vendors now account for roughly a quarter of all Android devices, or more than the combined Android market share of HTC, LG, Sony and Motorola. Wolf says that most of these no-name companies are “located in China”

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  1. Well, it means Android is rocking and I totally agree with you that Android phones are found in all range. People really found so many options in Android. So, it’s improving day by day.

  2. This was to come true someday. Android will soon be a king because of its high affordability, extensive features and people loving its growing ease! :)

  3. You guys have truly defined the top ranking quality of Android devices in this high tech world.The comparison stated was quite impressive and offers some reliable information to the web developers and IT experts. Great presentation. Loved your words.

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