Bling your iPad mini with Natural Sapphires $700,000/- case!

Some digits don’t deserve an only symbol in the end. There is definitely something wrong with the world, consumerism and gadget love has gone beyond the services it provides. Everything we own has to be exaggerated. Natural Sapphire Company released an iPad mini case that costs not much, just $700,000!

Natural Sapphire Company presents $700,000 iPad mini case and Cheaper alternative is $39.99 at
Natural Sapphire Company presents $700,000 iPad mini case and Cheaper alternative is $39.99 at

There definitely are people out there who will protect their gizmos, but not by dishing out six digits from their bank account; this product is definitely for the filthy rich. The case is made up of 18K high-polished white gold, and is covered with 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires. This does give the case an expensive look, anyone who will set their eyes on it will know that it’s not fake. The back also has the bitten apple logo, consisting of 5 Carat, 500 round diamonds.

Now, if you were to drop your iPad mini which only costs you a maximum of $520, you won’t be as worried about it as you will be about its case. For one you’ll be able to purchase another right away because you’re loaded with cash, secondly your attention will go out for your case rather than what it holds.

Well, if $700,000 is a heavy payment right away, Natural Sapphire Company has a payment plan of $233,333.33/month. Here’s wishing you would never lose your iPad mini with its case on!

There are many other alternative for iPad Mini case and if you are looking for something which is best and available for affordable price can be found at x-doria. Found some other alternatives for iPad Mini case? Why not share with us – we and our readers would be very happy to look into it.

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