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I surf numerous sites/articles daily,just had an idea why not share these interesting useful resources with wittysparks visitors.

Here goes the first one to start off with :) – do drop your comments and let me know if someone out there finds it useful.

Blog FuseI am a regular visitor to one of my favorite blogs “Zen Habits“. As usual I was scrolling through an article where I found Zen Habits facebook apps link and was taking a look at the app content – at the end of it, I found the app was Powered by Blogfuse Facebook App Creator for Bloggers.

As facebook is the best platform to share content with others and make your site popular within seconds, Blogfuse gives you the ability to create a facebook app for your blog within no time and with Zero Programming Skills Required. They ONLY charge a monthly subscription fee (a minimum of 5$ per month ), no bandwidth cost or any other hidden fees.Yea you heared right! Now you can create facebook app with “Blogfuse Facebook App Creator for Bloggers”.

Using Blogfuse you can..

  1. Create a Facebook App in Minutes – Create an application for your blog quickly and easily using our simple wizard
  2. Increase your Blog’s reach – Drive traffic from one of the largest social networks in the world with over 60 million active users
  3. Expand Distribution – Give your readership a new way to follow and share your blog’s posts

So what you are waiting for – Create your own facebook apps now and have a nice weekend :)


– dont forget to visit again for more resources :)

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