Bloggers give magazines a run for their money!

There was a time when magazine subscribers waited every minute to finally get hands on the new edition of their favorite magazines. Be it technology, science, fashion, childcare, anything. However, the trend has drastically changed now. While the print media still remains a tool for marketing and information sharing, bloggers are undoubtedly the ones looked up to.

Micro Blogging, Blogging, News, Magazines
Micro Blogging, Blogging, News, Magazines

From YouTube videos to insanely prompt blog updates, the consumers are getting addicted to frequent notifications on everything. No one wishes to wait a whole month to find out what has hit the stores, all the information is shared that very moment by a trustee blogger, with reviews and first-hand unbiased opinions. While we all love the feel of a glossy magazine in our hand, especially if you are the sort that collects them and cuts out articles, there is something very satisfying about the blogging generation – The timing.

Microblogging and networking websites like Blogger, Xanga, Google Plus, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Live Journal, Posterous, and more, have made it easy for people to reach their market in terms of providing them with the news. This is giving rise to a blogging culture that we never thought could’ve existed. Relationships between bloggers are now beyond borders, similar interests bring them together and bind them with each other. It’s not only the ones in the circle who are getting loved and appreciated, brands across the globe from all areas of business host special events inviting the bloggers to attend and blog about their newly launched product or service. This for the companies is a great marketing tool; customers tend to believe what another normal person will tell them about a product or service than a trained marketer from the company.

When it comes to having all your trends on point, it’s definitely more practical to visit blogs and follow bloggers who are dedicated to bringing authentic reviews and information to their readers. Plus who is actually going to wait for one whole month or even two to get the information they could’ve gotten on the very day. Because the print media has limited pages and an excessive amount of news and information to cover, they have to omit, and edit, which makes all information to reach the readers impossible. This is why even magazines on their websites are now hosting blogs. Their team regularly updates them in-order to keep the reader’s loyalty towards that particular magazine.

Not only are the bloggers reaping great benefits with putting ads on their blogs, but they are also getting global recognition like celebrities, they are now a staple at red and blue carpet events. The ones that also make videos via YouTube etc. have gotten more recognition because of the personal touch. Viewers love getting to know their favorite writers and be a part of their world by liking, sharing, commenting, and subscribing to their channels.

Bloggers are now the force to reckon with, you don’t have to have a degree to be one. Just the passion for what you write and the skills to communicate your point of view clearly will suffice. The ones who are the winners in this stream are loyal to their readers, and don’t fake reviews; instead, write the truth be it good or bad. They are definitely giving magazines a hard time to cope up with their spontaneous energies.

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