Bloggers to watch in 2013

The blogging industry is growing at the speed of light. It doesn’t discriminate on your looks and outward appearance. In the world of blogging, your point of view matters and is all that’s judged, especially for bloggers who aren’t blogging about the fashion industry.

Bloggers are taking blogging to a new level in 2013
Bloggers are taking blogging to a new level in 2013

If you’ve been contemplating the idea, this year can give you a fresh start to make your image. The fact is that blogging is free, so you don’t have to think about investment; figure out what you want your blog to be about and move forward with all your heart.

It’s essential to keep your content crisp and entertaining; adding imaged and other visual media makes it more interesting for the readers. Their hundreds of bloggers out there you can get inspiration from and understand your niche. The business world of blogging is very profitable and convenient as well. 2013 brings some bloggers to focus that need attention:

1. Big Leap Creative blog by Lisa Gerber

This blog will enable you to understand social media at a whole new level. It is essential to have effective PR tactics to make something out of yourself, be it professionally or as an entrepreneur, and this blog caters to just that! The owner of the blog Lisa Gerber is a digital and traditional strategist.

2. View From Here blog by Ralph Dopping

Here’s a blog that you can segment into the reference category or hobby. View from Here provides the perspective knowledge on various issues by the blogger Ralph Dopping. The topics range from business, arts, social media, etc., to anything that will just part little knowledge. A blog great to keep in touch with the latest happenings in various industries.

Take charge of Video and Blogging in 2013

3. JonLoomer by Jon Loomer

The blog provides a wide variety of reading, including interviews, reviews, podcasts, analysis, etc. For someone looking to launch their business and give it attention via Facebook or other social media websites, this is a must-log on to the website! This is exciting; Facebook addicts can make money using the various methods explained and explored by Jon Loomer.

4. Life and How to Live It by Mickey Gomez

Remember the Chicken Soup series of books? Well, this is mainly as a blog version of it. This blog provides inspirational stories, anecdotes, quotes, etc., that will part wisdom and entertain you all that time.

It is an excellent read for those who look for some inspiration and a place to drift away at the end of the day. Mickey Gomez’s blog can prove to be a great relaxant from your regular life and the consumerism drifting economy, shifting attention to stories that will awaken the human in you.

5. Content Marketing by Ryan Hanley

Here’s another soul who was trying to gift you the knowledge of money-making. Ryan Hanley’s blog provides information on “creating content that that attracts revenue and generates traffic.” The blogger himself works in the insurance industry and has excellent know-how of the money market.

Information source: 5 Bloggers to Watch in 2013 – Business2community

Surely we can notice that blogging can not only be your second job, but it can also very well become your only job. And if you’re not that strong-hearted, they’re a great source of information and pastime too!

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