Body Modification: Bagel forehead – a scary new trend in Japan!

Human beings by nature are a restless species, we are never satisfied with what we’ve got and the grass is always greener on the other side. Throughout history, we have seen various people from different cultures modify their bodies with tattoos, piercings, or a range of accessories like the Kayan tribe in Thailand.

Bagel Forehead - A scary new trend in Japan!
Bagel Forehead – A scary new trend in Japan!

Just search Google with the word body modification and you’ll see people from around the world doing all kinds of stuff to modify the way they look ranging from simple plastic surgery to the most bizarre alterations.

The latest trend to hit this craze or cult or whatever is the “Bagel Head” in Japan. The new trend has been showcased in National Geographic’s series called “Taboo”. The recipients create a bagel-shaped knot on their forehead by injecting saline solution about 300 to 400 c.c into the skin causing it to swell. After the maximum extent of puffiness is reached the injector uses his thumb to create an indention in the head sort of like a thumbprint cookie.

Taboo: Bagel Heads

The modification though is not permanent and lasts about 18 to 24 hours but it leaves us questioning whether it will have any negative effects if done repeatedly? What are the risks involved and why do they want their heads to look like a bagel anyway???

Are they inspired by aliens??? One of the recipients of the procedure says, “It seems like something is dripping down my forehead, it’s kind of a relaxing sensation kind of tingly and also kind of a building pressure that’s slow and steady and it feels like it’s putting me to sleep”.

Every culture around the world has some kind of technique for body modification such as piercing of the nose and ears by the Hindus in India. However, the extent of body modification is questionable but in the end to each his own.

Tune in to National Geographic Channel on Thursday night at 10 p.m EST to find out what’s going through the minds of such people with the bizarre craze to make their head look like a bagel. Until then watch the video below, however viewer discretion is advised as it’s quite graphic! Do comment below and say what you feel about body modification.

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