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Best Of Indya - LogoBestOfIndya is a social bookmarking site was launched on March 31st 2007 to facilitate information sharing among users. The site allows users to submit an article or link to article from the web that will be reviewed by other users and will be voted and promoted, based on popularity (The more the users approve an article the more it stands out).

With an ever-growing support of contributors and users of the site, BestOfIndya seeks to improve, update and add new features to enhance the usability of the site and make the site more and more relevant among millions of sites on the web. The objective of the site is to be feature rich while remaining family friendly and provide useful information to users of all age groups. Since the launch site has already added “News Dashboard”, and partnered with “” network to provide the best RSS aggregator “BlogOSphere” to the users. This is just the beginning and BestOfIndya is working on adding more and more useful features on the site in days ahead. For people in India and all over the world, the site facilitates articles written in Hindi. These articles can be dugg too!

Best Of Indya

Success of such Social Bookmarking site mainly depends on contributing users. To thank contributors ‘BestOfIndya’ has recently introduced “Share, Promote and Profit” theme that rewards user for participating in BestOfIndya. You can find the details of this Revenue Sharing Program on BestOfIndya.

How BestOfIndya Works

When the story is first submitted to BestOfIndya, it will immediately appear in ‘Upcoming News’ where other users can find and if they like ‘Vote’ for it. As soon as story receives enough votes it will appear in ‘Published News’ In the ‘Published News’ tab user can sort news by “Newly Popular”, “Top Today”, Top in Last 2 days, 7days, 30 days and in one year. In the ‘Upcoming News’ tab user can sort news by “Newest”, “Oldest”, “Most Popular” and “Least Popular”

“Share, Promote and Profit”

Like many ‘Revenue Sharing Websites’ BestOfIndya adopts “Share, Promote and Profit” theme that rewards user for participating in BestOfIndya


Users submit/share any interesting news article from the web or share their own story from their blog. To make submission process easy BestOfIndya has provided users with “Bookmarklet” and “BestOfIndya Widget” that make submission process very simple.


BestOfIndya encourages Blog/Site owners to promote their stories on BestOfIndya by using “BestOfIndya Widget” on their blog or site which not only keeps tracks of Votes received by the Story but also provides a link to the story on BestOfIndya from user’s blog/site.


BestOfIndya has added Revenue Sharing Program which is already is being used in various sites on the internet. Whenever story user added to BestOfIndya is viewed by a visitor, there’s a 50% chance ads will be displayed with users Google AdSense publisher ID. If Ad’s are clicked, the revenue goes into users Google AdSense Account. Google has approved such systems as long as only one publisher Id is used on any given page.

Sounds good?
As now the registration is open, claim your id by registering and start Sharing, Promote & PROFIT from

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