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Seeing the spurt in the number of Social Networking sites in India, we decided to figure out the reasons that have led to this boom.

Here’s what we found:

What is the feature of this Social Networking?

Social networking is important as far as an individual’s personal and professional development is concerned. You can meet with people with like-minded interests both in your personal and professional sphere of life. No matter where these people are located, internet and social networking sites help you connect with them easily nowadays!

Why is everyone is coming up with their own social networking?

Social networking sites are mushrooming off late with a new site getting registered every second day! One of the reasons for this rapid mushrooming could be the increase in the awareness levels of Netizens around the world. The other major reason could be the idea of being linked with different people at the same time on both professional and personal interests!

Is there any site that gives different services than a general Social Networking site do?

If one takes a look at the top social networking sites then one would find that the services provided by them are pretty much the same and few. They primarily involve creating profiles of individuals and helping them getting linked with others sharing similar interests. All sites provide general facilities that include writing blogs, bookmarking, music, and videos, news, forums, and groups.

Are Social networking sites for mere fun?

Many top social networking sites provide an avenue for people to find partners for chatting, flirting and dating. Their main purpose is to provide means to people to get ‘linked’ on a personal or social basis. The majority of them cater to the networking needs of the users and provide them with this facility only. There are very few networking sites which provide all-round services to users apart from the networking.

Is this the best way to make good friends and share knowledge in their respective areas of expertise?

Yes, the primary purpose that comes to the fore of these channels is making friends across the world and get networked. Being at the right time at the right place to take the right opportunity requires a person to be networked well and that is where such Networking social sites come in handy!

And now Reliance is also coming up with its own social network site called, is that going to be different from all the other sites?

The bubble is social networking is slowly becoming so huge that even Reliance is launching its own version. It will look to rope in the advantage it has gained from its Telecom segment and introduce feature which will give Reliance Telecom users advantage.

By all this what is our new generation, few people are fed up with the Invitations they receive daily from different sites? Our people are really showing interest in it?

With many sites sprouting, people have too many choices for the same type of service that they are being provided. What lures them is the entire idea of being a part of the larger community of their own type of people! But in the process of mere ‘social’ networking, they overlook other aspects with the people they link.

That is where a site like or comes in handy for individuals to get to see an ‘all-round’ persona of individuals they link up with in terms of their choice!

We have compiled this list based on the rankings of these social networking sites provided by Alexa.

List of SitesAlexa RankIndian Web Showcase
Bharatstudent.com4,994Read more about
Fropper.com5,856Read more about
Minglebox.com20,306Read more about
Yaari.com44,498Read more about
Hikut.com48,452Read more about
SirfDosti.com49,962Read more about
Desimartini.com58,375Read more about
Yo4ya.com79,523Read more about
Goyaar.com137,728Read more about
SaffronConnect.com152,313Read more about
TechTribe.com219,810Read more about
IndyaRocks.com304,831Read more about
Jhoom.in394,046Read more about
Snehah.com398,067Read more about
Pihook.com457,858Read more about
MetroJoint.com521,443Read more about
HumSubka.com579,634Read more about
BigAdda.com629,086Read more about
Onlineslambook.com1,850,285Read more about
Myadda.com2,195,474Read more about

We went through each of these sites and checked out their different aspects such as content, membership, etc. On evaluating we found that on the content front, leads the tribe followed by,, and

To our surprise, we found that is on top, ahead of a famous site such as This entire list is available at along with more additional details about each site like PageRank, Future PageRank, Link Popularity, Domain Strength and Site Age, etc.

These social networking sites have emerged as a powerful and effective means for people to not only link and get linked but use this service as effectively as possible. The growing popularity of these networking sites just portrays one simple truth – The days to come are bright and sunny for Social networking sites!

9 thoughts on “Booming Social Networking in INDIA”

  1. How many social networking sites have come and gone… i have lost track of the number of social netwrking sites i am a member of.. every now and then a friend sends an invitation to join a new site evry week. how much goyaar would be able to capture the market is still unknown. what can be their strategy, targetting indians.. well I have heard tht before. i hope atleast one site makes it big. fropper currently has been doing a lot of offline publicity tht has helped it a lot. i hope goyaar also wont mind doing the same… lots of competition these sites have to find a way to beat it.. by providing something innovative.
    Rochit Jain

  2. Why not Join something which connects Indians Globally

    Divided into sections titled Health, Wealth, Social and Family, IndoMeet is designed to enable Indians to connect with each other online. The web site also caters to specific Indian tastes and interests, whether it involves tips for investing in India, finding the nearest temple, starting a family, or the latest yoga technique.

    The new social networking section allows members to create their own web site, network, blog, and post photographs and videos online. They can create special interest groups and maintain an online calendar. Members can invite others to join the community, growing it organically and drawing the network even tighter.

    IndoMeet features a comprehensive Yellow Pages section as well as a travel guide. Members can sign up to receive free e-newsletters about India-related news as well as new updates and offers on the web site. IndoMeet’s charity section allows members to enhance the lives of others by featuring Indian social work organizations that could use a helping hand.

  3. How many social networking sites have come and gone, i have lost track of the number of social netwrking sites i am a member of.. every now and then a friend sends an invitation to join a new site evry week. how much BS would be able to capture the market is still unknown. what can be their strategy, targetting indians.. well I have heard tht before. i hope atleast one site makes it big. BS currently has been doing a lot of offline publicity tht has helped it a lot. .. by providing something innovative it can be the best for Indian friends.

  4. hi all ,
    how increased their traffic with in less time need to be searched in gooogle
    really i was shocked to see such a hich traffic with in lesstime,.. good stragis they are following with good peeple.
    they are promoting in campuses by giving mouth talk and money . this is also one of good thing about them ..
    this kind of strategy always work not in logterm
    i heard they are promoting through spamming in orkut .
    may be that is true even orkut also connsists of sex pictures in their blogs and fgrousp
    every trie to hack that i know this as a programmer . even i also tries to hack some of the websites ..
    anyway goodluck to for their sucess in less time
    good luck increase your raatings and maintian as clean as possible by making good ads and people.
    do restrict some of the content in the site that will be helpfull to viewers to view good things in your site
    happy day to you all bye.

  5. You are right the boom in social networking sites in india is indispensable… I wonder with so many sites anyone can be as good as the international ones like facebook, myspace or orkut… Desiymartyni just got its colour changed as it too much like facebook :) what a copy cat… i find with a very novel design though the site has yet pick some pace…

  6. khushi sharma

    Social networking is not booming it is just orkut and facebook which is gaining profitibility as far the study says. But indian people always wakeup at late and run the horse race on trends. In this case you are rightly saying Business people are just alure by this trend and trying to get these kind of website. But finaly they will be failed to get the money out of it. Since the web space, development cost, maintenance cost and marketing cost will hamper their thought of getting profit. Also I would ask to all those are in favour of saying it a boom. Have you spent any single penny on social networking sites so that they can get profitiblity. I think 99% people will say no. Beside that making big sites are alway attracts bigger crowd either it is social networking or any other. So the size does matter not the pattern.

    Khushi Sharma

  7. Looks like there’s another player in the game, I have been using for a while now. I find this site with tons of content like videos, music, photos, and much more. The layout is very easy to use as compared to other sites listed here. Just thought I would share this info with you all.

  8. I heard of a new social networking website devoted to Indian students by the name of Social Synapse. They are currently accepting email addresses for Beta testers.

  9. Social networking sites are the next big thing in India, but the million dollar question is when will the companies actually start earning profits?? The margins will be very low until the traffic to these sites increase.

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