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I guess you might have observed some downtime in – we apologies for the inconvenience occurred. But guess what? This is really a good news for WittySparks team :)

You might be wondering – how is downtime is a good news? The answer for now I can say is ‘YES’, this is because of huge increase in traffic and our site is loaded with heavy traffic since couple of days.

WittySparks entered the top league when Alexa announced its rank,a day back. The site has been ranked 63,439 by Alexa, a rank which speaks highly of the site in terms of its content and readership.

Alexa Traffic Rank as on 24 Feb 2009
Alexa Traffic Rank as on 24 Feb 2009

But the journey to the top league has not been a bed of roses. It is a story which bears imprint of dedication, consistency and loads of effort. It all started as a humble effort, with a vision to provide quality content irrespective of the impediments which came in the way. And working for the vision these three years has eventually yielded results for us.The rankings come as a source of encouragement for the team at WittySparks which has toiled endlessly to keep the quality work.

The journey is not over yet and as someone has said, it is not about conquering a peak but staying there at the top which matters. The journey has just begun and several peaks are yet to be scaled for team WittySparks.

Till now we were just running the site with wp cache wordpress plugin,but it looks like that  it alone is not enough to control this huge traffic. Then as you all aware of WP Super Cache plugin, which really works at huge traffic and with stands digg, delicious and other traffic. So just enabled the same and so I hope the site is faster than earlier?

Just need your wishes and support to grow – leave your valuable comments about the journey you had in our site!

Published by Sravan Kumar Kandagatla

Sravan is the Founder of WittySparks, a global content publishing platform that offers witty stories and information across multiple industry domains. Under his leadership, WittySparks today has become a go-to destination for in-depth knowledge of healthcare, business, and marketing topics. Besides, Sravan is a highly experienced web designer, developer, and user experience designer. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn and initiate a chat.

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