Britain foils terror plans…

Britain foiled the plans of a massive terror attack plan which was being ‘dry run’ and enlightened the world and those fighting terrorism about the constant threat terrorists and terrorism poses to innocent civilians around the world.

The plans were foiled owing to stringent intelligence networks and world class supervisory appratus in place which again draws attention to the importance of communication and intelligence services of a country. The better the intelligence and security machienary of a country, the fewer the chances of such terror attacks.

But no country or no government is completely equipped to thwart such attempts and in a country like India which has population to boast, it is an uphill task for sure! Although the population makes it a force to reckon in terms of manpower and skilled workforce, it also makes it vulnerable to terror attacks.

It is in this scenario, that the state must increase the coordination between various agencies and pull up their bootstraps by hiring and deploying a good skilled workforce. Deployment of sophisticated gadgets to the aid of the agencies such as CCTV and increase in the strength of intelligence officials across different states would serve to boost the counter terror measures.
Lessons are there to be learnt, be it the 2006 Mumbai bomb blasts or the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Examples are there to be emulated such as Britain’s efforts.

The time has come for some concerted action and make this world a little more safe!…

What do you say..?

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