BuildorLite – A smart and easy online web page editor is a handy website editing tool that comes from the stable of a London software house. The tool facilitates manipulation of the website through the browser. It is available in two versions namely and The former version is for users who seek to use the tool for casual editing and easily control and maintain their web content. version is for professional web developers who want a complete solution for building, designing and coding the HTML/CSS.

Buildor / Lite | The World's easiest web page editor / html / WYSIWYG editor
Buildor / Lite | The World's easiest web page editor / html / WYSIWYG editor

These days there are several ready made tools available to to create a website within seconds through open source tools. But what does one do when one has to tweak with the site design elements or for that reason change the content, design, alignments or play with images? Many will hire a web designer or developer to do a minor text or image change in a web page. Why not just do yourself the minor text or images than to depend on someone to come and edit it for a small change in site?

For the one who is looking out for easy web editing tool, BuildorLite is the answer for you! It is one of the easiest web page editor to use as it is an off the shelf kind of a product. One does not need any installation or technical knowledge to edit a website as BuildorLite does it online! All that is required is enter the live site url and you can edit the website user interface through your browser. It is as simple as working on a Powerpoint presentation or PDF documents.

Once you enter the url of the site you want to edit Buildor/Lite creates a temporary copy of your web page and make the text and images editable. You can tweak with the images, alignments, placements or replace / insert new images just like any other visual editor! And once you are done with the editing process, just save it and upload it to your live site through an integrated FTP support- as simple as that! Sounds easy isn’t it?

So, why don’t you try the smart and handy BuildorLite a try and find out how easy web editing can be!

Do let us know about how you found the tool once you tried it!

Watch the following videos of BuildorLite:

Buildor Launch Pad

Buildor as a content management plugin

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  1. Indigloo website builder is a browser based website creator which has power of cms systems like drupal, joomla. You can create your website for free in 3 minutes.Indigloo provides advanced features like standard grid system to divide areas,power to move contents over one another,ability to create multilevel menus,Place holder for meta tags and keywords for each page etc.

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