Bukisa – Share your Knowledge and Earn Money

Bukisa is a website where you can share your knowledge with others under like minded people on various topics ranging from Technology to Travel. And the best part of the entire thing is that you get paid when when others use it! Interesting isn’t it?

Bukisa - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money
Bukisa - Share your Knowledge, Earn Money

It is not a bookmarking site and neither is it a social networking site. So what exactly is Bukisa then? The website says that their objective is to concentrate more on content which goes in the site and wish to make the place as a knowledge sharing site. The added advatage being the ‘Earn Money Option for all the people who want to share their knowledge with people all around the world.

Bukisa.com was developed by Bukisa, a company founded on 2005 that specializes in user generated content web projects. “Bukisa” is the Zulu word for “Display”. Their vision is to constantly maximize knowledge sharing experiences and introduce to their contributors better and more fun filled ways to share their knowledge and get rewarded.

Bukisa.com is a platform for creators to share their work as well as knowledge. These creators contribute articles, videos, podcasts, etc. The contributors enjoy wide publicity for their work. The revenue is shared from advertisements which is posted their pages.

Furthermore, each contributor can create a network of friends, and profit from their friends (and the friends’ friends up to 3 levels) ad revenues.

Contributors can earn $4.20 as their current earning rate they call it as Bukisa Index for earn 1000 unique visits to his content. The Bukisa Index will be updated once per month based on the overall performance of their websites revenue – which involves the following: Contextual advertising, Banner advertising, email marketing, joint ventures and more.

The higher the Bukisa Index, the more money you earn.

Apart from their regular features, I liked their presentation, user interface, well organized and good font, colors among all its very fast and handy.

Looks like an interesting deal, but will see how many will share good content to earn more money.

So any one already tried it? Let us know your thoughts about the same.

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