Burdening School curriculums = Student Suicides

It is not a rare phenomenon when a parent is confronted by their child saying they don’t want to go to school. They are tired of the burden of homework, the stress associated with getting the highest rank in class, and all that comes with the revised overly exhausting curriculum’s.

Students commit suicide in India over exam stress and failing
Students commit suicide in India over exam stress and failing

Absolutely not fair is the effect of these incidents having on the child’s natural learning capability. The students are robbed of their childhood, by spending it with their heads in the books, or dwelling on the stress of not having their heads in the books. Sadly this problem is not found in older students as it used to be in the past, where the years of board exams used to be the source of all tension, now a kid as little as 8yrs is suffering from the same paranoia. How long will it take for us to understand that there is something wrong happening?

Students being over burdened by their school work are having no time left for play and relaxing. Children learn best through play, learning is a natural process exclusive to all human beings, and the younger you are the more curious you are to learn. That is the basics of understanding a student dynamic in terms of educating. Because of the excess work load on students, parents are forced to take them out of all other extracurricular activities, the teachers put stress on studies and the parents follow suit. This extraction of entertainment is noticed by religious institutions and Sunday schools, where the child is supposed to give only a few hours to their respective religion, that too only once a week. Unfortunately the parents are giving into the students need to play and have a day off from the school, to have fun and complete all the homework piled up during the week. Not to mention prepare for unsolicited tests and exams.

Exam stress claims another life:

While parents are under the impression that they are doing their child a favor, the long term effect of this is going to brutal on the growth of their ward. The future of the world is going to be cut off from their religion and beliefs, cultures, creativity and curiosity. While the educational boards re-evaluate the syllabus every few years, they make it more and more difficult. Yes times are changing, and children are brighter than they used to be for their age, but that doesn’t mean they’re not kids. Lack of creativity can damage all parts of the brain, including learning. With everything becoming about the marks, students are not focused on learning, but on scoring and pleasing teachers, parents and others.

There has to be an answer to the suicides caused by low grades, and mental stress. How much are we going to sacrifice for better ranks, and high scores which hold no importance when your kid is as young as 10. Student suicide rates are increasing & the newspapers are not shy from sharing the information. It’s not the failures who are committing it; it’s the ones who lost their rank because of tiny percentage.

Students are being leeched of all their enthusiasm and spirits. The youth is stressing over studies to an extreme where it’s taking a negative shape. This is leading to two extremes, too much success, or just plain hatred towards everything education stands for. And the continuous, impractical school curriculum’s are not helping anyone.

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