Burj Al Arab offers 24-carat gold iPads to guests

If you want to experience luxury on earth you have to visit Dubai. The city with record breaking services and sky scrapers is making headlines with the 24-carat iPad provision to the guests at Burj Al Arab.

24 Carat Gold iPad
24 Carat Gold iPad

“The 24-carat gold iPads, designed specifically for Burj Al Arab and engraved with the hotel’s logo, will be offered to every guest upon check-in,” the hotel announced. “The guests will be able to use the 24-carat gold iPad as a “virtual concierge” and – at the touch of the button – access both information and the extensive selection of hotel services, such as the Guest Services Directory, detailed descriptions of Burj Al Arab’s restaurant options and spa menu, as well as private dining, butler and housekeeping services, among many other options.”

It’s very clear that the country’s economy is finally picking up after the 4 year downward spiral. Heinrich Morio, Burj Al Arab’s General Manager was quoted saying; “Our exclusive Burj Al Arab 24-carat gold iPads epitomize Jumeirah’s philosophy of Stay Different and further enhance our guests’ experience during their stay”. The product is produced by London-based The Gold & Co., which specialises in finest gold-plated products. Burj Al Arab will be putting the exclusive products on sale soon at their bespoke boutique, the iPad won’t be the only gold wrapped product, also available will be the gold iPad Mini, gold iPhone 5 and gold BlackBerry Q10.

The 24-Carat iPads will be available for AED 37,490 (over 10,000 USD)

Content Source: Gulfnews

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