Bustling Business Ideas: Serviced Offices and Their Countless Benefits

While the American business landscape has made it possible for people to do business remotely, some professionals still need a physical space to meet clients and other business contacts. Also, location is a primary factor in determining whether your business thrives or not.

In an era when premium office space and a desirable location can add thousands of dollars to your monthly expenses, a serviced office can provide most small-to-medium businesses with all of their office needs without paying extravagant rental rates.

You could save money by converting your garage into a home office, but you won’t be giving the most professional image of your company to your clients. Instead, consider a serviced office set up as an alternative option to expensive, rigid, long-term conventional leases. A serviced office, is more cost-effective and allows you more flexibility in finding an appropriate office solution to help your business to succeed.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of leasing a serviced office for your business.

Low Overheads

In a traditional office lease, you are expected to not only pay for the building or office but also to pay for utilities and other amenities. While some rental agreements will include utilities, many do not. Over time, costs associated with renting the space, paying for utilities, installing cable and internet, and costs associated with staffing your office add up quickly.

With a serviced office, business owners are provided office space, access to meeting and conference rooms, and other office amenities, all wrapped into one monthly payment. In addition, on the website of many premium providers, you will find they include utilities, internet, and cable. With a serviced office, you can save money, allowing you extra capital to invest in the areas of your business that really matter.

Flexible Leasing Terms

Serviced office leases offer some of the best terms. First of all, the length of the lease tends to be a lot shorter than your conventional office lease. Typically, a serviced office provider asks renters to commit to a month-to- month lease, as opposed to conventional office leasing plans which can require you commit to at least one year and sometimes up to five. These leases are especially good if you are not sure whether or not you will be in the location for a long time or you are testing out the waters in a new location.

Serviced office leasing plans also allow for renters to pay for the amenities they use as opposed to paying for office space and other amenities they might not. A conventional lease might offer renters a space, including amenities, but a very small outfit might not need all of the space or might not use all of the facilities you are paying for. With a serviced office lease, you can take advantage of a pay-as-you-go system, offering you increased flexibility and allowing you to take control of your monthly outgoings.

Room for Expansion

Another great advantage of a serviced office is that because it is based on a pay-as- you-go system it allows businesses to grow without the disruptions of relocating to a new site. In the beginning, you might be a self-employed professional who needs an office to meet clients and other business connections. However, by year three, the lobby of your office is filled with people who mostly make up your client base. You need space to grow.

A serviced office allows you to transition your business in a way that doesn’t disrupt daily operations. In comparison, a conventional lease only applies to the property being rented and transitioning into a space that fits your business’ new needs can be quite time-consuming, taking months of planning and putting your business under unnecessary financial pressure.


Serviced offices are in some of the best locations in America. Typical offices leases for premium office space can costs renters an excessive amount of money making it impossible for business owners to compete in the big leagues. What serviced offices have done for small business owners is to level the playing field with an affordable, flexible and comprehensive option.

The Modern Office is a Serviced Office

The modern business climate shows many American businesses looking at a serviced office solution as a great alternative to conventional leasing. Every modern office must have appropriate amenities, regardless of the expense, meaning business owners will have no choice but to pay a premium price to compete.

Fortunately, for savvy business owners, serviced office leasing plans can provide your business with the appropriate office setup without the excessive overheads allowing you to conduct our business from a prime location right in the heart of the business district. With this advantage, your business will go from strength to strength in no time at all.

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