Buy or Sell at OLX and Go Green!

If you are guilty that you cannot do anything to save the environment, buy or sell something on OLX. Strange? But it’s true! Every time you make a transaction at this popular portal, you do your bit to save the environment.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, they proudly announced to the world that, with the theme “Seven Billion Dreams One Planet. Consume With Care”, they have achieved the unimaginable.

They have been able to curb 2.4 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions. This as much carbon emission 110 million can prevent in a year. The same amount of carbon dioxide emission can be prevented by staying away from petrol vehicles in Delhi for a year. People traveling by the Delhi Metro may not have realized, but they reduce carbon dioxide emission by 4.5 times.

Can you believe it? That is definitely a difficult thing to achieve. But the good news is, it has been achieved. Read on to find out how. It is an open secret that lay undiscovered for a long time now. OLX is the first among all businesses to reintroduce us to the concept of Resell-Reuse-Reduce.

OLX - Go Green Initiative
OLX – Go Green Initiative

They encourage us to use and provide us with the most durable products to use and sell for others to use. To put it in one word, they give us an easy way of practicing sustainability.

Speaking about the same, the Director, CEE of OLX, Mr. Kartikeya V Sarabhai, said, “Extending the life of a product is an essential strategy towards sustainability. In India, we have an old tradition of passing on goods. Transforming this tradition to the internet age and making it commercially viable is a wonderful example of leapfrogging to a sustainable lifestyle.”

Since the carbon dioxide emission of products of all categories put together showed up in harmfully large amounts, they came up with this unique idea of sustainable use. Supporting this idea, Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India, said, “Every time you use OLX, you reduce your carbon footprint and ensure more sustainable consumption.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, we want more people to adopt “Resell-Reuse-Reduce, which is at the core of OLX’s philosophy. Every OLX usage results in bringing value into your lives while giving something invaluable back to the environment. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Every OLX user should take pride in making our planet a little bit greener, and I want to thank each one of them.”

I think we should all take the message from OLX and start living a sustainable life. Don’t you agree?

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