aggregates best offers and deals in INDIA!

Money………. The most important thing to man on the phase of this earth. He wants to have as much of it at possible in his life time and does all that is necessary to save as much as he can. But his development is such that more and more things are entering the category of his basic needs. In such a situation wont it be a boon for him if he could find the best deals in the best places around him? It has always been that the best things require a higher investment. aggregates best offers and deals in INDIA! aggregates best offers and deals in INDIA!

But now the creators of have made it possible to have a combination of these two.

Buzzr is a website which aggregates the best online deals, offers, sales and discounts across 16 cities. So now you can choose the best deal of all those that at available in every mall, or other purchase areas in any part of your city. In Buzzr you will find the most unusual deals that are not available anywhere else. It brings you exclusive deals straight from the vendors. The creators have kept in mind the common man who is trouble by the economic inflation prevalent in the world today and has made an attempt to reduce this burden at least to an extent!

Whether there’s a 90 percent discount at a Spa near by or a grand sale in a mall, you will find everything right on your computer screen. Apart from these exiting and attracting offers Buzzr also provides to its deal sharers an opportunity to gain points for their efforts which later turn into gifts. This extra ordinary website serves a two way benefit. While it makes easy availability of offers to customers, it also provides an opportunity to exhibit the deal sharers’ business to the world. God bless Enthrall Media Private Limited a Mumbai based digital company and the proud owners of Buzzr, for creating something so useful to improve the life of a common man!

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