Canon promotes new talent in the Fashion industry at London Fashion Week!

Canon has always been famous for its pictures that almost make the subject come alive every time. This is a pretty obvious expectation from a world leader in imaging solutions and Imaging Partner of the British Fashion Council.

New photographers get to showcase their talent at the London fashion week, all thanks to cannon!
New photographers get to showcase their talent at the London fashion week, all thanks to Canon!

As if this was not enough, Canon has raised the bar for its competitors by collaborating with outstanding photographers, designers, and bloggers.

This is an exciting way of promoting new talent in the world market. On occasion, leading professional photographer, Cleve Booth talks about what it takes to be a fashion photographer and mentions the creation story behind British designer Henry Holland’s lookbook.

Canon also helped three other designers to work through their look books and create their images which will be featured as part of Canon Printers and allowing the designers to access their designs soon after the end of the event. These lucky ones are David Koma, Michael van der Ham, and Holly Fulton.

The photographers have received complete support from Canon in the Canon Professional Services (CPS) photographers’ center. If this looks like a lot to you, then take a look at this!

Canon has also provided a free bus for all accredited photographers to travel between London Fashion Week venues. It seems that Canon is making sure to provide all the circumstances necessary to enable each photographer to bring out the best in himself!

The best part of this entire piece of information is that Canon Europe has also screened fashion show content for visitors in the Canon Cinema and the Canon Screening Room in Somerset House while playing the role of a Digital Showcasing Partner. The London Fashion Weekend is going to prove to be a wonderful experience for all.

Wouldn’t you want to know how? During this time, the Canon Studio will allow visitors to take part in a personalized photoshoot while working with Elizabeth Arden to provide a truly memorable makeover experience.

The London Fashion Weekend, which happens to be the biggest event on the British fashion calendar, began on the 15th of this month and came to a close on the 19th. This year the event saw a huge crowd heading to witness some amazing fabric. As many as 5,000 people turned up for the event this time.

London Fashion Weekend (21-24 February) is followed by London’s largest and most exclusive designer shopping event open to the public biannually. Before I conclude the article, let’s look at what some notable people have to say about this event.

Henry Holland, British Designer: “The thing that lives on from my 8-minute runway collection is imagery. I’m excited about how fashion is embracing new imaging technologies, and Canon has been amazing in creating imagery for my designs this season.”

Clive Booth, filmmaker, professional photographer, and Canon Explorer: “I feel very fortunate to work with Canon. I don’t know another brand that can capture both still and moving images to Canon’s incredibly high standard. I am grateful to have their continued support as I explore new possibilities in photography and film.”

James Leipnik, Chief of Communication, Canon Europe, Middle East, and Africa: “Image plays a powerful role in the fashion industry, and we’re proud to be working with talented people such as Andy Torres, Clive Booth, and Henry Holland to support the creation of striking and powerful images from London Fashion Week.

Our role as Official Sponsor enables us to provide practical help to designers and photographers. From capturing images to the production of look books, it’s an ideal opportunity to share our passion for the power of the image with everyone involved in fashion.”

Let us now congratulate Canon and the designers for putting up such a wonderful story. Congratulations people! You did an amazing job.

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