Can’t find your keys? Ask the Keeo!

It is human nature to forget things, events and dates. In fact this one reason why people like me struggle to understand subjects like history. Similar is the case with the things that we use on daily basis. Most people often face this kind of trouble with their car or house keys.

KEEO - The key innovation in your pocket
KEEO – The key innovation in your pocket · Premium Keyhold System · Anti-Loss · Near Field Fencing

After having analyzed this nature of man with great depth Germany came up with a permanent solution to this common problem in the form of Keeo! A German start up company has created Keeo to help you find your lost keys with assistance from your smart phone. Along with being a wonderful key finder it is also an amazing key holder. Let us take a look at the perfection with which Keeo does this job!

Keeo acts as a unique key holder with The PLUG ´N´ SCREW system which makes it easy for its user to put in all his keys into Keeo with the least effort. Once this is done life becomes very easy for the users of Keeo. Want to know how? Keeo comes with a simplified ONE-BUTTON-CONTROL system that lets you select any of the keys with the push of a button. I never dreamt of a day when handling a bunch of keys will be so easy. As mentioned earlier Keeo can be a great partner to your Smartphone in helping you find your keys. Let’s see how it has been designed to perform this task. The Bluetooth Smart technology offers an intelligent and energy-saving communication between KEEO and your Smartphone. The free Keeo app connects your Smartphone to Keeo in order to locate it at any time. So once you download this app you are sorted for the rest of your life.

Its makers claim that it is impossible to lose your Keeo. All you need to do is to keep your Bluetooth on so your phone can locate the Keeo. By providing an inbuilt thermometer the makers have made sure that you don’t have to go elsewhere for a weather report. I think all of us must have this multipurpose device at home to experience the simplicity of life.

It is always a practice at school to study the structure and functions of everything. Till now I got you familiar with the functions of a Keeo. Let us know take a look at its structure and make a detailed analysis of it. Keeo will be made available in Purple, Petrol, Olive, White. It has been made with stainless steel and is also not very heavy. Its light weight definitely makes it more user-friendly. This is not it friends! The housing is a glass-fiber reinforced high-tech material used in aerospace engineering. You must also take a look at some of its other features which include:

  • Capacity – 3 regular keys on the inside and as many keys as you like on the outside loop
  • Color – black / purple / petrol / olive / white
  • Weight – 2 ounces
  • Dimensions – 3,85 in x 1,41 in x 1,41 in (9.8 cm x 3,6 cm x 3,6 cm)
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth® Smart)
  • Range – 100 ft.
  • Power – 2.0 – 3.6 VDC
  • Operating temperature – from – 40 to + 185°F

The Keeo is all set to be used by you! The only thing that is keeping it from entering the market is the fact that the lowest possible base goal of 1,500 KEEOs, as it is the minimum order quantity set by their supplier. Once this goal is reached you can take the Keeo home and soon it will become your best friend!

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