Carrying your tablet is no more a problem with TABI!

Hey! Are you having trouble carrying your Tablet or Phablet everywhere? I just found an amazing solution to your problem. It’s called TABI! TABI is a product of My Bondi LTD and is the newest entry into the list of tablet accessories.

TABI - Tablet Handle and Hanger
TABI – Tablet Handle and Hanger

Without wasting any more time let me introduce you to TABI after which it will become your best friend. Launched on Kickstarter, TABI will make handling your tablet or phablet much more easier than it used to be. With TABI you can hang your device horizontally or vertically without the fear of dropping it. This is not it! Its uses are part of a very long list. Besides giving protection to your device, TABI simplifies your method of carrying the device. Now carrying your device is so easy that you don’t have to hesitate before asking your kid to carry it for you.

TABI- Stretch it on!- The Tablet Holder&Hanger:

The hook is made of a flexible material allowing you to bend it and stabilize your device for watching movies, Skype conversations or playing games. This wasn’t easy earlier, was it? Traveling can be made entertaining for your kids by taking TABI on your journey. You simply have to at the back of your car seat and let them enjoy their favorite films. What do you do when you need to use the internet while in the kitchen? Using the phone or tab with those hands immersed in various ingredients can be very challenging. With TABI you just have to hang it in an appropriate place and you are sorted. Now whether you are on a train, bus or plane carrying and using your phone or tablet is child’s play.

How is TABI useful to people who like to take selfies? TABI gives you the much needed grip that enables you to take a perfect selfie. All you need to do is to slide your hand under the belt provided. So if you have always feared dropping your device while taking a selfie, not anymore! TABI will give you the confidence that you are looking for. Bring home the TABI and simplify your life forever.

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