Catchbox – The Throwable Microphone

The biggest concern of any speaker while addressing a large audience is to keep them interested in the information he/she is trying to convey. Converting a lecture into an interaction is the best way to break this invisible barrier between the speaker and his/her audience.

Now there’s a device that can help you break this barrier with great ease. It’s called the CatchBox. There’s a small story behind this name to the unique device. Read on to explore the story!

Catchbox – the world’s first throwable microphone:

This tool designed to help educators, event hosts and professional speakers to keep their listeners interested in their subject, allows users to pass it on to one another simply by throwing it at them. Hence the name Catchbox. So if you want to use it make sure you are good at both throwing and catching! Giving you freedom from noisy microphones with long wires that spoil the decor of your celebration area, Catchbox mutes itself when it is being passed on. So you don’t have to hear the screech anymore which spoils the atmosphere for a few seconds. Since it comes with soft foam converted into fabric [in many colours] it allows users to throw it around confidently without fearing any damage to the device.

Now it’s time to meet the makers of this extremely user friendly device. The idea of the Catchbox brought together three people from different walks of life. Mikelis Studers takes care of the electrical engineering of the device. So he is the man behind the absence of unnecessary noise in the device. Timo Kauppila is completely involved in all aspects of the major business of the product. And finally Pyry Taanila looks into the industrial design. This trio met at the Aalto University in Finland and gave the world the Catchbox to change our way of interacting with the audience forever.

This unique device of interaction is now available for pre orders only in selective places like Europe, Canada and USA for just €495 / $665 (discounted price). But soon it will dazzle the world with its presence at every event. You could also be lucky to get a free customised print on the product.

The first batch of 300 Catchbox units are sold out and shipped this month August 2014 and second batch of 200 Catchbox units are scheduled to ship in coming September 2014 and is available in pretty much discounted price.

So hurry!

Don’t miss this chance.

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