Real Estate

Real estate essentially deals with the physical property that consists of land, including the buildings constructed on it, as well as its natural resources, such as agricultural crops, minerals, and water. From the business point of view, real estate is the profession of buying, selling, and renting properties, such as lands, buildings, or houses. There are four types of real estate, which are residential real estate that deals with the construction of new homes and resale of homes; commercial real estate that deals with shopping centres, malls, education centres, hotels, and offices; industrial real estate that consists of properties used for manufacturing, research, production, storage, etc.; lastly, land real estate, which includes vacant lands, agricultural farms, and ranches.

Construction Punch List: The Ultimate Guide

So, you’re nearing the end of your construction project. Given that everything ran smoothly and on schedule, you’re ready to present to your client the finished project, the piece de resistance, if you may.

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