Technology is a branch of science that deals with the application of knowledge to attain practical goals. Technology has become synonymous with success and it would not be farfetched to say the very essence of human life. The scope of technology is universal and can be applied, quite literally, to everything under the sun. The advent of technology has also made the world a global village. Therefore, technology has seen and helped in the growth and development of mankind as a whole. Do you love technology & geeky stuff? Here is the collection of every latest technology update you’ll love.

More ways to create Charts and Graphs

In continuation to our first post “Ways to create chart and graph with Javascript“, here are a few more interesting resources with which you can create good looking, colorful, customizable, and interactive charts with YUI, Open Flash Chart, TimePlot, TimePedia, Emprise Javascript Charts, and SAC Simple Accessible Charts.

Smooth or anti-alias font in Windows, Firefox, IE

All of a sudden my system started displaying rough/jagged text or font. So was just wondering why I am facing this text or font smooth or anti-alias rendering problem in my system. As usually checked system display properties, resolution settings, graphic card, etc., looks everything is fine. Then started to google about text or font

Four toolkits for Java to develop excellent GUI

GUI plays an important role in every application you develop. The application could be developed through different programming languages but the presentation has only one language that is GUI – it symbolizes ‘Look n Feel’ as far as programmers are concerned.

Creative Photoshop Brushes for download – Set 1

For all you budding artists and involved in unleashing creativity on the digital canvas, Adobe Photoshop is the tool. In fact, it is more than a tool and rather a cool-aid that easily designs interfaces, websites, arts, etc.

Ways to build Style Sheet Switcher for your own web site

This article is all about Style Sheet (CSS) Switcher Client Side and Server Side. Many like to see their favorite colors to be on the websites which they visit regularly or many want to see the users spend more time on their own website, do you agree with it? Then why not give them a

60 popular CSS directories you would die to watch!

With new technologies flooding the web, different tools are available with which a web designer can showcase his creativity and craft. But despite putting in the effort and sweat, numerous websites with fantastic creativity fail to get noticed. Also, the surge in designing is driving designers to dig for creativity, color schemes, and layouts.

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