CEA – A rare award for a rare act of charity!

The Corporate Engagement Awards 2013

Who doesn’t like an award? After all, an award is not just an acknowledgment but also an encouragement to a person. It is a reinforcement to keep doing an amazing job over and over again! The Corporate Engagement Awards (CEA) have been started with a similar motive.

These awards are a mark to celebrate the best in corporate sponsorships, partnerships, and social responsibility. Now that’s not a usual thing. The awards are as rare as their cause is. It is incredible how someone thought of something so unusual.

How many companies and agencies do you know who have successfully worked with charities, arts organizations, NGOs, and not-for-profits to promote their corporate brands and improve their reputations.

Previous winners of these awards have experienced a mutual benefit where both the sponsor and the recipient have enhanced their business strategies. Throwing light on the same, Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Communicate, says: “Over the last three years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the creativity, strategic thought, and implementation of companies’ CSR-related corporate sponsorship and partnership activities.

There is no denying that there is an absolute correlation between this activity and an organization’s reputation. We are proud to run the only event that benchmarks this and recognizes excellence in this field.”

If you want to be part of this beautiful opportunity, nothing stops you except that some rules are to be followed. Firstly all entries must be received by 26 June. Entries are judged by a panel of experts in 20 categories spread across five sections.

Among this year’s categories is the unique opportunity for Olympics-related sponsorship activities to achieve recognition. Above all this, the most beautiful part is entries received by 12 June will receive a £100 discount. So don’t wait for too long. Maybe a story of a previous winner can get you to be more enthusiastic.

So the story goes this way – Last year’s Grand Prix winner, Volunteer it Yourself, was a groundbreaking partnership of companies and organizations that sought to provide apprenticeships and training for young people while simultaneously helping maintain two London youth centers.

Since then, the project has received Big Lottery funding and has expanded from one program to include seven live, nine completed, and 33 planned projects. So if you want to avail the opportunity, please visit corporateengagementawards.com.

The awards will be announced in September this year in London. You could win an award in the following categories-

Best arts-centered corporate sponsorship
Best charity-centered corporate sponsorship
Best sports-centered corporate sponsorship
Best combined sponsorship

The best open-ended corporate sponsorship program
Best single event corporate sponsorship program
Best pro bono work for a charitable, social, or ethical cause
The most effective long-term philanthropic scheme, foundation, or program
Most innovative sponsorship

Best corporate sponsorship to raise brand awareness
Best alignment with brand values through sponsorship
Best corporate sponsorship for employee engagement
The best external relationship-building sponsorship program

Best communication of corporate sponsorship activity
Best execution of corporate sponsorship activity
The best evaluation of corporate sponsorship activity
Best community involvement in a sponsorship activity
Best sponsorship activity relating to the London 2012 Olympics

For sponsored organizations
Best collaborative approach
Best sponsorship communications

My best wishing to all those willing to compete. May the best man win!

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