Celebrate this Christmas with Heineken’s Social Media Christmas Tree!

I have a surprise for you this Christmas. Be ready to take a first look at a Christmas tree no one has ever seen or heard of before. This Christmas tree that has grabbed much attention in no time is called the Heineken’s social media Christmas tree and as the name suggests it is developed by Heineken. Or should I say it got its name from its developer?

The Heineken Social Christmas Tree
The Heineken Social Christmas Tree

Now lets know a little more about this amazing Christmas tree and what all it has in store for us. This unique Christmas tree comes with as many as 48 LCD’s and it allows usage of social networking sites like Facebook. Here you can sent a message from one screen to be sent to another with immense ease. Now that’s a wonderful gift isn’t it? Further like any other Facebook user you could tag and get tagged over here too.

What is special about this is that it has been described as a creation that allows technology to meet tradition. It will be amazing to know that it uses 500 meters of cable and is as high as 11 meters. Can you even imagine something like that? Cool right? But wait a second! There’s more coming up…. It has become so popular that it went on to create a festival in there. The Heineken’s social media Christmas tree also allows you to place your greeting cards on it but it has to be within the 17 to 26 of this month. This wonderful tree can be seen at the Clarke Quay. So enjoy this 25th December with Heineken’s social media Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

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