CES 2013: Day one has hits and misses

What could be better than kicking off the year with indulgence in Gizmos and gadgets, after all, they are what are practically making the world spin? The Consumer Electronics Show is an annual trade fair conducted in the US, at the Las Vegan Convention center from Jan 8th to 13th. Three days of total digitally controlled chaos!

CES 2013 - Samsung UHD S9 TV and Nest Thermostat
CES 2013 – Samsung UHD S9 TV and Nest Thermostat

Let’s start off with what is in store this year, over 3000 companies will be exhibiting their newest products to the world. The categories of the product range are huge and include Audio, Lifestyle electronics, 3D, Accessories, Automotive electronics, etc.

It’s only natural that this year’s most anticipated electronics event will bring even more innovation and crowd to its doors. The first day has been much of an excitement, some of the highlight events of the day were:


Samsung takes TV viewing very seriously and this is especially apparent from their 2013 models and innovations. Their latest TV upgrade is the Ultra High Definition UHD S9 TV, which is available in sizes of 84 or 110 inches!

2. NEST Thermostat

Founded by ex-Apple employees, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, Nest is known as the “Learning Thermostat”, Basically, a very smart heating system that provides its users with the best temperatures.

Their new technology that was being showcased at the convention was inspired by Apple! ( Well, we just can’t escape the Apple frenzy now can we!), The new technology brings your smartphones to integrate and regulating your thermostat temperatures, which in turn reduces bills. The product is also very user-friendly.

CES 2013 - HP Pavilion TouchSmart SleekBook and Ford Developer Program
CES 2013 – HP Pavilion TouchSmart SleekBook and Ford Developer Program

While there were some hits, many tech correspondents are not shying away from dissing the not so interesting ones:

3. HP Pavilion TouchSmart SleekBook

Hewlett-Packard seems to have lost it in terms of confidence, the company shares have gone down by 40% since the last year, how much can we blame the economic crisis for that?. The company didn’t do much to at the CES to turn the tables around as well.

They have way too many new models all displayed, which instead of grabbing the customer has unfortunately scared them away. The “Sleekbook” was the big unveiling, but the design wasn’t as the name expressed.

4. Ford Developer Program

The automobile giant has been doing great turning the company around during the financial lows, however, their new partnership with the Amazon Cloud Player turned out to be nothing exciting for the customers.

The company already has a partnership with several other companies and introduces 9 more including Amazon. Too much of the same for the customers, no wow moment at all.

It’s been quite a ride since the start, the show has gravitated over 200,000 people from across the globe. The next two days should unveil more excitement.

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