Charity bonanza is goodwill for enterprise

The truth about life today is that people will only accept what is written in bold and plastered all over the newspapers. Giving charity is no longer a good deed to keep silent and be humbled by, for corporates it’s the essential method of goodwill generation.

Major goodwill is generated by Donations to charity
Major goodwill is generated by Donations to charity

There will always be people in need, organizations waiting for substantial amounts of funds, research institutes wanting cash for development and experimentation. And for businessmen, making a contribution to such areas shows the company in a light it could never be.

This is very well a form of mind game. Today what you show off in a press conference is taken as word, there are always critics but a good orator will win hearts of people and countless customers. People change their opinions about products based on what the company does for the society, they leave their loyalty to certain brands and turn to others because of their beliefs. There is not a shadow of doubt that the societal values play a crucial role on the perception of the consumer towards a company.

The gap donates to charity with Gap want:

Good will is an asset for any enterprise, be it small or large. And as it appreciates not only does the company benefit but also its employees. The more money generated by the company the more money made by its workers. There are various areas where corporates these days are investing money, for them it’s a great way to lay off tax percentages and at the same time build a strong customer relation.

Business tycoon Donald Trump has donated $3.7 to his own foundation in the past 20 years. His company has made considerable amount of donations in a variety of areas, great donations have also been made through his reality show ‘the Celebrity Apprentice’. Another well known Businessman who may be known for his personal life rather than his charity work is Hugh Hefner the founder of the Playboy Empire. Hefner has his own foundation which is focused on supporting issues relating to freedom of speech and civil liberties, as well as health and the arts. Hefner donates heavily to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which procures funds to provide hearing aids for those with hearing problems.

A fact of-sorts is that almost every Starbucks is tied up with some charity, wherein they either donate, or provide services. This ranges from donating their unsold party items that won’t be fresh for sale the next day, to donating money to an AIDS foundation. The Starbucks group tries to tie up with a local charity in order to give back to the people there. Such practiced from big companies are not only a source of inspiration but work well for their goodwill and customer satisfaction.

In the end of the day no matter how selfish the world gets, and materialistic we are, deep down we do acknowledge the positive effect of giving charity, and uplifting the society.

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