Checkout Googles Version of the Great Epic Ramayana!

The great epic Ramayana is now available in the Indonesian language. Yes, it’s true! And this has been made possible by Google’s new Chrome web browser. Its Chrome Experiment has given a new twist to this age-old epic.

Google Version of Great Epic Ramayana in Indonesia
Google Version of Great Epic Ramayana in Indonesia

It allows you to explore the story in an interactive way. It has opened new doors of storytelling breaking away from the rituals of reading and puppet shows.

It has used HTML5, Javascript, and WebGL to bring the story and its characters to life. Along with the wonderful visual effects we also have some amazing gamelan music playing in the background. I would say it’s a little more than just animation because the interaction of the characters is not in the regular style. You will see them interacting through Google+, Gtalk, product search Google Maps.

What’s more interesting is that it doesn’t just narrate the story but allows you to explore it yourself by clicking and scrolling. So now you can strike at the golden deer and also kill Ravana. If you are right you move ahead or you keep trying until you get it right!

It is being guessed that this is an experiment from the new office in Jakarta. Whatever it is, it seems very exciting to me. Can’t wait to visit I’m going to take a look at this amazing thing. What about you?

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