CheckThis the coolest blogging app for iOS

Another app enters the social networking world, but claims to serve the purpose of blogging with far more creativity, and ease. CheckThis is an app that came out of necessity to share content online without the limitations of other similar apps.

Checkthis a free iPhone app to tell stories
Checkthis a free iPhone app to tell stories – Another Social Networking app enters iOS market

Already famous in the tech circle, CheckThis is an app for iPhone from a startup that began in Brussels and is now based in New York City. As mentioned before the app came out of the founders history, his friends were sharing content online but felt bombarded by the limited space and tools available to share their stories. In an interview he explains;

A tweet was not enough, an image was not enough. They wanted bigger space for more content.

Frederic della Faille like an entrepreneur has seen an opportunity, a problem and solved it. The app is already rated the coolest iOS app as claimed by the website.

A new way to blog for iOS: CheckThis – Review by GigaOm:

CheckThis is a free app for all iPhone users; the design element of the app is the main feature. It won’t take long until you can tell that it is made by hyper-creative types. Some features are exclusive to being first time introduced iOS world, like clever scrolling, other fun features include the choice of fonts, ability to select specific colors and shades, and personalize the content that is to be shared. Della Faille and the gang have been smart enough to make sure that there are just enough tools to keep the users excited and content, without being thrown into a pool of too many overwhelming tools. The idea as put forward by the founder is to make sure each user is able to create something he’s proud of and that can never go in the ugly direction.

Instantly share and interact with friends — all in a matter of seconds:

Coming to the actual usage of the app, it’s super easy to use. CheckThis makes video making also very easy. This app is a great way to tell stories with your mobile device, with just few taps the user can create a “story” with colors, images, videos, some texts, even participate in polls of fellow CheckThis users. The app is originally made for users to share stories, using more than just a picture or a tweet. It’s a coming together of various tools to interestingly project a simple story and share with friends. The app has an “insta” aspect to it because it’s designed to be an on the go type app, however it will let the users think and produce great quality fun content that is personalized. Thoughtful content can be easily shared and enjoyed.

The fact is when it comes to social networking sites and apps, when a better one comes out users tend to stop using an old app. CheckThis has that quality in it, because it provides a rather new experience for users, even if they’re both on Instagram and Twitter. For those who just want to use the tools, they can simply connect their account to other platforms like; Facebook and Twitter. Technologically advanced users are always looking for the next big fun app to introduce into their lives, and CheckThis shows that potential.

Content Source: GigaOm

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