Clay Animation in Taare Zameen Par

For all those who appreciated the touching movie Taare Zameen Par and its emotional and touching rendition of Ishaan Awasthi’s (Darsheel Safary) roller coaster saga, let’s spare a thought for the people behind the movie who made it work. Well, that would include all those creative inputs one found in the film, right from the stars, rockets, fishes to planets that reflected the figments from Ishaan’s creative cauldron!

And these came from clay models designed by Dhimant Vyas who created the objects which talked to us through the movie screens in clay. The effort involves toil and sweat and above all imagination, which captures the essence of the creator and the charactar.

Taare Zameen Par Clay Animation Pictures

Click on the above picture to view “The making of TZP’s Clay Animation

Here’s the complete interview of Dhimant along with his work for the movie:

Interview with Dhimant Vyas, the making of tzps clay animation

Exclusive The Making of TZP Clay Animation

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  1. the clay clay animation was awesome this was one of things that made the movie unique and special.

    the movie was too good . thousand times better than oso . Taare Zameen Par should go for the oscars.

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