Coke going the milky way – brand overhaul..?

Coke initiatives for the future could be looked upon as a classic case of Brand Overhaul.

coke can.jpg In the recently concluded All India Bottlers Meet in Bangalore Coke gave impressions of distancing itself from Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) in the future. Sounds surprising? Seems to be true, for, Coke has given hints of shedding its fizzy image not only in the US but also in India.

In the years to come, the fizz from the drinks would havecoke-1.jpg gone as the company is seriously considering overhauling its portfolio. The Company has begun to talk about Milk, milk based products, coffee based flavors, ice cream colas and Indianised drinks like Aam panna etc.

To make an impact, the company seems to be hurrying into things and looks to lauch a few products by this summer! The change in its portfolio could be due to the controversies that the company found itself mired in such as the pesticide and the Land water crisis in Kerala’s Palakkad district.

Coke seeks to combine carbonation in everything from ‘purified water to tea’ which is what is the aim of the company- to target the international markets and cause a reversal of fortunes for its stocks which have witnessed a lean phase in the past one year!

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  1. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title poetry. Thanks for informative article

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