Comigo brings interactive contextual experience to your Smart TV

For a while now a television is not just a television anymore. It has become a platform of multiple activities which we could never think of at the time of its invention. Reminding us this fact is a company called Comigo which came up with an outstanding WatchApp that allows viewers to engage in the content they watch while interacting with their friends on the same platform. Amazing, isn’t it?

Comigo Smart TV solution
Comigo Smart TV solution

What’s even better is that with WatchApp the viewers can participate in polls, betting or trivia questions or get extended internet-based information related to the content they watch, allows you to buy merchandize or other items which are related to the type of show they are currently watching – all this is without compromising on their favorite TV show!

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Let me now give you a better picture of how it exactly works. While watching an interesting match WatchApp gives you the liberty to check out the Facebook page of the teams, replay the action minute by minute, make a bet, purchase the tickets for the next show and lot more of such interesting things. If you thought this was it, then you are in for a surprise. You could purchase things related to the content viewed and also invite your friends for the same so you’ll be eligible for a discount. Now how cool is that? If you think this is not enough I have more coming up for you. Sending a virtual multimedia message (such as Birthday Cakes and wishes and throwing a tomato when their friend’s team scores) has never been an option on your TV, has it? But now it can be if you have WatchApp!

Comigo – the smartest smart TV:

Comigo is planning to bring this before the audience LVH (Las Vegas Hotel), 3000 Paradise Road, East Tower, Suite 2060. So make sure you be there and witness the amazing creation yourself.

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