ConfCal – Calendar for web and digital conferences!

ConfCal - A simple web and digital conference calendar

Are you a web freak? and always looking for events and conferences to attend?

There are many conferences and events happening all around the world on Web and Design industry and it is always tough to keep an eye on the events or conferences from different websites.

ConfCal - A simple web and digital conference calendar
A simple web and digital conference calendar

Tracking the conference dates, location, topics is always tough unless you maintain your own calendar – I am sure most of us don’t have that much time as we are already busy with our daily work schedules.

If so, ConfCal is the answer for you – which is a simple web & digital conference calendar and was created by Alex Cowles. It is a simple calendar contains a list of all the events or conferences happening all over on Web and Design topics. ConfCal made our job little easier to track to see what’s on and when.

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And if you are an event or conference host or if you are aware of any events which are not listed, you can even contribute to the calendar and get it listed.

Suggestions to Alex Cowles

It would be great if there is an option to import the complete events list in our device calendar, can be an option to import all events in Android or iOS calendar or else an unique app which we can have it in devices which contains these complete list of events and conferences. That way every one can have a complete track on the happenings. My just few cents :)

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2 thoughts on “ConfCal – Calendar for web and digital conferences!”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the blog post – much appreciated. Alex here – I’m working on building some awesome stuff in to the calendar – figured out the markup to be able to add events to Google Calendars – and I can probably get some microformats/microdata in there to help people add events to their own calendars. Give it a week or two and we should be up and running with some nice little improvements and an automated submissions process :)

    1. Hey Alex – Good to hear from you and glad to hear that you have plans to enhance it further – wish you all good luck on that and keep us posted for any further updates on your site.

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