Connecting with others…

Importance of Connecting With People

Are you “connecting” with others?

Today, be it office or in your domestic life, your success is directly proportional to the connectivity and rapport you have with others.

In other words, the question you should be asking yourself is:

  • What is the quality of my rapport with others?
  • How close am I with others who matter to me?
  • At this point in time, how many people will be thinking about me?
  • Am I in a position to influence others positively?
  • Am I getting the type of support and cooperation from others?

The answer to all the above questions is very important in our day-to-day life. And the answer lies in our degree of connectivity, and not only connectivity but effective connectivity.

We are living in a world where we need the support and goodwill of others. You can succeed in life only with the help and cooperation of others. The more you aspire to in life, the more people you need to support your ambition. The more people you need, the more you have to interact with others.

In this regard, the quality of your interpersonal relationship will depend upon how much you are connecting with others’ minds. This ‘mental connectivity’ is an important parameter for success in life. We talk about ‘wavelength’ in terms of our relationship with others. Unless and until we have a common wavelength with those we work with, the quality of our team will suffer.

The first thing to focus on in order to connect with others is ‘seeking to be understood. This means that your people understand the ‘why’ of ‘what you are doing. You may have a specific reason for behaving in a particular way. Sometimes you may demand a specific action from others, which may not be pleasing to them, and it may put a strain on them. In such circumstances seeking to be understood is very important.

You need to improve the ‘soft skill’ of communication and become assertive while expressing your views. At the same time, you have to be empathetic to others’ views. This is possible only if you seek to be understood. Once people understand you from the right perspective, then they accept you and the quality of your rapport improves.

So, once the rapport improves, you get identified in different people’s networks!

And your ‘mental connectivity’ improves!

Image Source: Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe

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