Coradia iLint – A Train that takes us to an Eco-friendly future!

The future is here! A future that is free from all kinds of pollution. It is here in the form of a train. Coradia iLint is a new-age regional passenger train that is emission free.

The hydrail is the first of its kind that replaces diesel and electric trains and makes news for being a unique creation. Wondering how a train can be emission free? Read on to find out how Coradia iLint works!

Coradia iLint is a new CO2-emission-free regional train and alternative to diesel power.

This environment-friendly train runs by converting fuel cells located on top of it to produce electricity, which is done by combining hydrogen and oxygen. The energy so produced is stored in lithium-ion batteries. This train is a gift to mankind given by Alstom, a French company, which has become the world’s first rail manufacturer to create a low-floor passenger train that runs entirely on a hydrogen fuel cell. The combined effort of German and Canadian companies resulted in an eco-friendly medium of transportation.

Although it is based on a diesel traction model, the twist in the story is its fuel cell technology that takes care of the environment without compromising on the performance. Coradia iLint runs a good 140 km/h with 600 to 800 km tankful. This is as good as any regional passenger train with an additional benefit of being sustainably developed. It is fully equipped to carry not less than 300 passengers who will be reaching their destination without polluting the environment.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, Coradia iLint produces minimal noise when compared to its diesel counterparts. Alstom plans to exhibit Coradia iLint to the world through a pilot program in Germany in the year 2018. Coradia iLint is surely a big step towards a pollution-free future. What’s your opinion about this invention?

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