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Daily I come across lots of creative stuff which I wish to share with my friends or with some creative directors around. The way to do this was wither send mail or ping them manually in the messenger asking them to check the resources! This way the creative stuff could reach them but doesn’t it sound cumbersome?

Witty Picks - Crazy Creative Stuff
Witty Picks - Crazy Creative Stuff

I wondered isn’t there a place where I could store the stuff and refer them back when I needed the right stuff at the right time.

In this process, I got couple of thoughts as to which script or CMS would be the best to define/project/showcase these really cool and creative stuff. As you all know is the top/popular in making quick notes of the stuff you need. So, I just explored the same and launched our new Crazy Creative Stuff site called “Witty Picks – Crazy Creative Stuff” at

If you are a creative person, I hope this site will attract you for sure in a first shot. If you really like the site, you can even grab the widgets and place at your favorite place where you want to check the daily updates of this site. Grab the widgets at:

and don’t forget to subscribe to the rss feeds at:

If you are a creative theme developer, we are looking for some good design which is dynamic/good looking and which solves our needs and projects our creative stuff, kindly let us know if you can make one Tumblr theme for Witty Picks? You always can have a credit link at the bottom “Designed by xxxxx” etc. as long as we use the theme.

Drop us mail at:

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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