Create BuddyNet – The DO Mantra by Tata DOCOMO

Got talent – Then lets do the DO mantra by CREATE BuddyNet.

Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform is back again. For latecomers, the platform was launched to give participants an opportunity to showcase their talent to the world and also co-create the brand in process. The idea emanates from the larger brand belief of respecting and celebrating the power of – DO.

Create BuddyNet - The DO Mantra by Tata DOCOMO
Create BuddyNet – The DO Mantra by Tata DOCOMO

Tata DOCOMO Create platform has so far gathered tremendous response on their previous legs which were Animation, Music, Photography and Merchandise, whereby individual prowess was tapped, recognized and felicitated.

The latest leg to be added to this platform is called – Tata DOCOMO CREATE BuddyNet. Tata DOCOMO Create BuddyNet celebrates the spirit of friendship. It invites the participants to express what friendship means to them, in the most interesting and creative ways possible. The three categories of participation are – Animation films, Screensaver and Wallpaper.

Everyone participating on this platform is a winner since all shortlisted entries will be rewarded INR 10,000 each. Also, there is no limit to the number of entries that an individual can submit on any of the categories mentioned above. Not wanting to put a cap on the talent, the brand has decided that there will be no limit to the number of entries to be selected and rewarded. This only means that the talented individuals can earn as much as they deserve.The DO mantra of the brand seems to be resonating with the youth who have embraced this platform with aplomb.

So step up and celebrate the spirit of friendship and showcase your talent to the world right here TATA DOCOMO BuddyNet.

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