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We have covered few articles on PDF Tools which creates/converts PDF from PowerPoint, Word, Excel or from websites or blogs etc.

I am sure there are many who wants to provide an option in their blogs or web pages or web applications or any other content oriented web pages for their visitors to download the web page as full fledged PDF.

Convert HTML to PDF | Online HTML to PDF API
Convert HTML to PDF | Online HTML to PDF API

Then PDFCrowd will be the best tool for you to work on. PDFCrowd – the new, easy and cool tool which enables you to convert HTML to PDF or creates PDF from online web pages or from raw HTML code or via uploaded HTML files directly from web your browser. You can even edit the HTML using our online WYSIWYG HTML editor and then export it to PDF.

If you own a web site or a blog or a web application or a web developer – then here is the good feature for you, Pdfcrowd provides you a simple html code to include it in your pages – which provides you the PDF of the current page. They give developers more flexibility to enhance their applications by PDF generation capability and easily create PDF reports, invoices, letters, etc. So there is no need for you to create PDFs directly, which is often a burdensome task, the documents can be generated using a familiar markup and then converted to PDF using the Pdfcrowd API.

Pdfcrowd is built around Webkit HTML rendering engine and the JagPDF PDF generation library. WebKit is used in several popular browsers and provides state of the art HTML rendering. JagPDF allows efficient PDF generation resulting in small size PDFs.

Sounds so cool na? So why don’t you try this cool tool and share your experience.

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